Introducing. I am Andrea. I was born in the city of Adelaide on the last day of March. I spent part of my childhood in Milan, returning to the native land of my parents at 5 years old. I have to say that, in my opinion, there are many of the best places in our country, I am glad that I returned to my homeland.

I graduated from psychology and am now continuing my Master’s in Clinical Psychology and Health. Although I am studying psychology, throughout the time I realized that I actually have an ability in other areas, particularly interior decoration, furniture restoration, molding and clothing assembly. In addition to these things, I also develop an enormous liking for cooking, healthy recipes and regular exercise. I realized that I like so many things that even my sister and her husband told me so. So, they suggest me to create a blog or a Facebook account or Instagram to channel my hobbies.

After trial and error, In the end, I decided to chose creating a blog. Why blog? I think it’s more suitable for me since I can write more longer than I like the design of the blog by the way. This blog will be a media for me to share what I like, such as fashion, cooking, decorating, health, aesthetics and psychology, of course. You can comment or ask questions about all those things I mentioned previously.

I promise to try something different from the usual, something that is different and that over all is useful and interesting.